Re-Entry Plan


I have been praying specifically that God would allow us to meet again at Hanahan Elementary School until our building is complete. Specifically asking Him that “I would get a call”.  Tuesday evening, after recording this week’s worship service I received a call saying we could gather at Hanahan Elementary School again… on June 7th! God is so good!

Therefore, for the sake of logistics, future Restoration Kids opportunities, and familiarity we will meet at Hanahan Elementary School on June 7th for one service at 10:30 am.  We will NOT be meeting at the Hanahan Recreation Gym. This is a huge answer to prayer! (At the same time, a huge shout out to the City of Hanahan and their leadership and staff. They were extremely generous and helpful!)

This will be a time of family worship for the next several weeks.  We will begin to plan for phase three of our re-gathering strategy where we are able to offer Restoration Kids again on Sunday morning.  We will continue to communicate those dates the closer we get to phase three.

Remember, if you are not comfortable gathering together for worship quite yet…no problem!  Please stay home and worship with us online until you are comfortable gathering.  We love you and we are still one church! If you are comfortable worshiping, come on June 7th  with a heart of worship, expecting the actual service to look and feel a little different than we are accustomed to, even at the elementary school.  Put on a heart of thanksgiving and grace!

For those who are returning on June 7th to worship together at Hanahan Elementary School, our plan includes the following:

  • We encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines (and to follow the changes they make to these guidelines) with a commonsense approach in all areas of your life, including worship.
  • We encourage those who are vulnerable because of pre-existing conditions to continue to join us online.
  • We will ask that anyone who feels sick or has shown any symptoms of sickness in the last 7 days please join us online.
  • We will be asking our attendees to socially distance in our worship space between families. We will assist by placing chairs with ample space between them.
  • We will cease, for the foreseeable future, all hospitality items, cafe items, and printed handouts.
  • We will have family style worship while we are worshipping at Hanahan Elementary School.  We will continue to evaluate this on a weekly basis as our desire is to provide a safe, clean, and controllable environment for your children as soon as we can.  Until then, we look forward to worshipping together with our families.

Again, I am going to say this each week, the next couple of months are going to test us as a church.  No doubt.  Our commitment will be tested, our hearts will be tested, our patience will be tested, and our endurance will be tested.  But I believe with all my heart Restoration will adorn the mind and attitude of Christ!  I believe with all my heart that we will seek first the Kingdom of God.  That we will come to worship on Sunday mornings looking not to be served but to worship.  That we will look to one another’s interest over our own (Phil 2:3), I believe we will put on humility and serve one another in love (Ephesians 4:2).  The family of families that is Restoration Community Church has always stepped up, always!  And I don’t believe this will be any different.

Love you church!




When will our building be ready? 
The building is still on pace to be completed in early fall.  The general contractor is aware of our current situation and is working with us as much as they can.

How can I help? 
Please be in prayer for our church!  Pray that we will all adorn the humility and grace of Christ during this time knowing that we will all be worshiping and operating out of proverbial comfort zones. Also, strive to maintain peace and unity during this time knowing that our current situation certainly isn’t desirable to any of us.  At the same time, I know God is working in and through these circumstances and I am excited for that.