At Restoration, we desire to see you find a real place of growth and discipleship in life on life discipleship. Life on Life discipleship happens when a few committed believers desire to see others grow firmly in their faith. Because we are all called to make disciples, we want to see everyone inside of our church be able to participate in a Huddle for their own personal growth and the growth of others.

A Huddle is a gender-specific group of 2-5 people that get together weekly to study the Bible, pray for each other, and provide accountability to help each other live in obedience to God.

Discovery Questions

1. Thankful… What are you thankful for this week?

2. Challenge… What are the challenges you are facing?

3. Accountability… How did you obey & share what we learned last week?

Read the Passage Re-read & Summarize this passage.

4. God Is… What do we learn about God?

5. We are… What do we learn about people? 

6. I will… How will you obey this passage?

7. Share… Who do you know that needs to hear this message this week? 

8. Pray… Based on this passage, what can we pray about?

Discovery Bible Study

Discovery Bible Study, or DBS, (developed by Final Command Ministries) is a simple and effective process to study Scripture with your Huddle. These questions can be used with any passages of scripture, or you can check out our featured studies below to get started making disciples today!

In addition to Huddles, these questions can be used in your personal quiet time with the Lord, or for discipling your students and children at home.

Featured Studies

Click an image below to reveal a downloadable bookmark to guide your group’s study! Soon you will be able to pick them up at our Connections Kiosk!

Study Books of the Bible

These studies are designed to guide your Huddle or group through discovering books of the Bible.